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Originally Posted by finnhiggins
I'm of the view that it's all marketing. You have to admit, they've done a great job of making this really mysterious image for themselves, but it's just as easy to read virtually everything they say as deadpan humour. Like they're trying to see how far they can go before they get called out as bullshitters.

There was an old interview with Maynard and Henry Rollins that I think crossed miles over the line into parody, which sort of made me realise that everything any of the band was saying could be read that way. I mean, seriously? "I summoned a demon into my bass drum!". I reckon he was pissing himself laughing after the interviewer left the room on that one...
Yeh see thats what it thought but then i went to his website and it's full of wierd stuff, Yeh that must be one evil bass drum man, and what would happen when he changes kits does he have to move it ghostbusters style? haha
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