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Default Question about issues with DW 9000 Hi-Hat stand.

Hi all,

So I have been having a hard time lately with my DW 9000 series Hi-Hat stand. I am wondering if anyone has come across this or if I am just one of the unlucky few.

A little while back I noticed that my hi-hat action seemed pretty sluggish. I checked all the usual suspects. The rod seemed to be in good order so I took that off the usual suspects list. I got low to take a look at the sprocket and the tension dial. Immediately I noticed that the chain was coming into contact with the dial, thus preventing the sprocket from making its required movements without bottoming out.

So I decided that I needed to take a look at what was going on and adjust the spring tension. I backed off the tension lock with my drum key and went to adjust the tension dial by turning in. The dial piece then dropped down, clear of the stand body. There is still the chain linkage that runs through it that kept it in place.

Well, I fiddled around with it and it popped back into place. I thought that I had fixed it, but today we played an impromptu show and it did it again. The tension dial fell away from the body and was bottoming out the chain/sprocket assembly. I messed with that thing for a solid twenty minutes with no avail... The dial would not seat back in place, and was jibbering up the whole operation.

To my eyes, this dial should reseat flush with the body, but it just isn't happening. I sort of got it to work tonight, but the dial is not flush, but it was the best I could salvage given the situation. I kept waiting for the "AH HA!" moment where the thing would snap back into place and allow itself to be threaded back into the stand.

This has not given me a lot of confidence in my hi-hat stand. I hope that I am just being slow and that there is a simple fix besides looking for a new stand...

Have any of you had issues with the DW 9000 series Hi-Hat stands?

Should this dial sit flush against the base of the stand?
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