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Default Re: KickPort D-Port?

Originally Posted by Ian Ballard View Post
Dunno about the D-port but I definitely can attest to the KickPort's killer sound. It makes perfect sense though. A subwoofer port focuses the right frequencies to "hit" and this does the same. They are making smaller versions for tom and snare heads too! That might create some create some nice, focused sounds but as often as a lot of guys change heads, it might be a pain to constantly be installing them.
The D-Ports are the smaller tom ports, if I'm not mistaken. I would be worried about how much they would dampen the head, but I always buy heads with built-in dampening, so I could just get heads without. I would be more than happy to reinstall them on new heads if they would make the kind of difference that they do for a kick drum

EDIT: I did a little more research and found that they got rid of the name D-Port, and just started calling them the FX series. It says they were to be released in 2013, but I can't find them for sale anywhere

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