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Default Re: Ludwig Lug Splay Solution

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
OK, so lets analyze the cause of the splay with factual evidence.

As I see it there are two things that can cause splay.
1) The outside diameter of the drum shell
2) The height of the lug casing from the shell.
Is that true?

This is based on the fact that hoops are standardized and changing the hoop to one that is made by another manufacturer doesn't affect the splay on metal ludwig snare drums.
Is that true?

Ludwig makes several types of metal shell snare drums and splay is seen on each type of metal shell.
Is that true?

Ludwig snare drums that show splay come with three types of lugs, and splay is seen with all three lug types. (tube, bow tie, imperial)
Is that true?

In what manufacturing year did splay begin to occur?

Lets answer the above questions to find the true cause of the splay.

If the answer is that undersized drum shells are the cause of splay then is it a deliberate design by Ludwig to ensure that the rim of the head doesn't make contact with the drum shell?
Ludwig makes drums with standard hoops and standard dimension lugs so changing the O.D. of the shell is the simple option to achieve this.

Someone should just axe LUDWIG directly, see if they're even aware, if they even care.

Either the shell is undersized, or the lugs are undersized, which ever way they want to deal with it.

Their molds could have shrunk due to wear, aren't they using the same molds they used back in the covered wagon days?


No way, that word 'maybe' could be used to describe their approach to 'not' dealing with the problem.

I noticed this as well which leads me to think it's more the new triple-flanged hoops than the diameter of the shell as the cause. I would think an undersized shell would cause some degree of splay no matter what hoops you used...unless the holes on a standard die-cast hoop don't project as much as the holes on a standard triple-flanged hoop. I don't know this for sure because I've never measured it.

The SUPRA shells are deep drawn aluminum, hence the one piece, maybe the plugs they draw them over have worn down, or were too small to begin with, they don't want to mess with the original diameter, even if it might never have been correct.
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