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Default Evans Head Test

I've seen quite alot of threads about what heads to buy for what drum or for opinions on certain snare drum heads so i thought i would post this to give my opinion incase anyone is looking at the same heads as i am.
I will continue to post on this thread to update over a few days as i have to wait a little longer for some heads and also trying to find time to test the heads.


Pearl Jimmy Degrasso signature 14"x5.5" 1mm hammered brass (currently equipped with ambassador)
Tama 14"x5.5" bronze (equipped with G2 but needs replaced)
Yamaha 13"x6.5" 1.5mm brass nouveau (stock ambassador but not happy with it)
Ludwig Epic 14"x6.5" 6mm birch/maple/birch hybrid (currently using an ST Dry but has totally killed it)

Heads: 14" Genera HD, 14" ST Dry, 14" Remo Ambassador, 13" Genera

I will try out the 14" heads on each drum and see what results i get, hopefully it may help anyone else looking at this thread. Unfortunately i cant record any samples to post so will try and describe best i can.

stay tuned... (sorry)

p.s If anyone has any questions or comments please don't hesitate to post
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