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Default Re: Why are we addicted to vintage drums?

Originally Posted by Winston_Wolf View Post
Most of my thoughts are just echos of things already said, but I agree that the sound and the "mojo" is what has drawn me to older drums.

I think the hand hammered cymbal analogy is perfect in this case. Vintage drums were not made to the exacting tolerances of today's kits and many were either flawed from the get-go or have quietly self-destructed over the years, but when they were good they were really good.
True.Construction and QC is no doubt way better these days,but if you get your hands on a well preserved and constructed vintage drum,you have a piece of treasure in your possession.

That's how I feel about my vintage stuff,especially my 47 Slingerland Radio King.It's one of the really good ones and is in 9 out of 10 condition.In round,no ring separation or wrap separation.Only a very slight yellowing of the WMP wrap which is just beautiful.

Original snare wires and calf reso head.It even has the rare aluminum reso hoop which Slingerland only used for less than a year and the NOB stick chopper engraved batter hoop.

I kid about being burried with some of my drums,but it would be a crime not to pass this on, to someone who will appreciate the history and value of that instrument.Not to mention the joy of playing a piece of history.

Steve B
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