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Default Re: Has anybody used the new Gibraltar 'G-Class'?

I've played both the Jojo Mayer pedal and the Gibraltar G-Class. I currently own the G-Class. I owned the Jojo pedal for about 3 weeks.

The Jojo pedal was sleek and very pleasing to the eye and the design was nice. It took a little while to get used to the fact that the beater doesn't accelerate into the head like most pedals. But I actually prefered the feel.

The problem that I had and the reason I returned it was because the pedal would slap the bottom platform in heel up play and even sometimes in heel down play. I figured it was because the strap, even though it's made of ballistic rubber, tends to stretch. It's got some play in it. You can actually stretch it a bit with your fingers. I can see why they used the material because it's practically weightless compared to chain drives and makes for very smooth operation WHEN it's not slapping the bottom plate. I heard there were problems with the pedal collapsing during play but I never experienced this. The pedal in that regard was solid as a rock. I just made sure I could feel the pedal click into place when I mounted it...which actually required a fair amount of force.

If they replaced the strap to correct that problem, then I'd buy another one because I really liked how it felt under my foot.

The Gibraltar G-Class is a nice pedal with features that I really appreciate. The tension dial is probably the best feature imo. You can see exactly where you're getting the sweet spot for yourself. I also like the thick (very thick) rubber teeth on the top and bottom of the clamp. So many times I would have to buy a metal or rubber thingamabob to put on the hoop...don't need it with this pedal. The ratcheted clamp release is nice too. I had concerns over its long term durability because the little tooth that holds the swivel in place appears to be made out of hard plastic. But so far so good.

It's not as smooth a pedal as a DW 9000 or a Tama Speed Cobra (the other pedal I looked at closely) but I tend to gravitate toward pedals that aren't as smooth because I'm primarily a heel down player and don't need all that smoothness to get the articulation I want. In fact, most super smooth pedals feel weird under my foot. But, I will say that the G-Class has a smoother feel than a DW 5000 and it's much better than any other Gibraltar I've tried. The weights in the beater are nice too. I had a Mapex Falcon and used the weights for practice purposes. The Falcon is also a nice pedal BTW.
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