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Default Re: Ludwig Lug Splay Solution

Anyway, back to some semblance of seriousness...

I was over at Donn Bennett's a few months ago, and as we had just had this conversation about lug splay, I was going around checking the Ludwig snares they had in the store. To be sure, newer snares had the most obvious splay, but out of five or six used snares (I want to say three of which had B/O badges), two had noticeable splay as well.

In my mind, it's just something I check for when I'm buying a snare, no matter who makes it. There's certain manufacturers and certain lugs for whom it seems to be more of an issue.

Does it affect tuning, sound or whatever? It would take much more perceptive folks than me to determine that. What I do know, is that if I'm plunking down four to six benjamins (or more) on a snare drum, I would expect the little engineering touches such as making sure the tension rods were parallel with the shell to be spot on. I would expect lug splay in a $75 snare drum, not a $1300 limited-run snare.

Given Ludwig's recent history and where, for example, their hardware has been compared to what it is as of the past two years, I have hope that the hue and cry will be acknowledged and the engineers will address the issue, even if it's a simple fix like changing the rims. I don't think the gasket fix is a good one; I don't think I want a bunch of rubber all over the shell (not that a snare's shell is that free to vibrate even in the best of cases).

I don't think I'll buy a brand-new Supra any time soon, and even the vintage ones will have a very good inspection prior to me shelling out the dough. But I do still want a Supra. It's still the best snare in recording history.
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