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Default Re: Do you know how to make and electric kit?

Originally Posted by Zackie_1 View Post

... I have been looking into making an electric kit using piezo sensors and practice pads. Has anyone ever tried this before? I'm curious as to how responsive it can be and roughly how much it would cost.

I've made a few, but used cut down drum shells, roto-toms, and mesh heads, instead of practice pads. The roto-toms were the easiest for me and work really well.

Internally mounted piezos with foam or cones on top can be very responsive. It's a bit of work, but nothing unmanageable if you know how to solder and check connections. Gathering information and parts can take some time, but also be fun, if you're a DIY type.

I got a lot of info from the V-drums forums, and the DMdrummer forums (mainly Alesis).

Good luck.
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