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Default Re: Has anybody used the new Gibraltar 'G-Class'?

Originally Posted by risewiththefallen View Post
This was a real problem, apparently sonor made new straps and replaced the old
Sonor? Did you mean Gibraltar? :)

AFAIK, this thing happens with a lot of products: guitar processors, cars, drum pedals. Usually it's some sub-vendor issue, where they're using inferior components or materials. What's important to take stock of is how the company responds and whether the problem is rectified thereafter.

Unfortunately, many a time we just hear the negative news. Even if it's just one pedal with a manufacturing defect.

That's not to say products can't be complete crap, or there isn't anything wrong with the Gibraltar. I'd just like to rely on as many pieces of evidence as possible and if possible, to see the damage for myself and come to an assessment. Scare-mongering doesn't help the consumer.
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