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Default Re: Ludwig Lug Splay Solution

Originally Posted by Toolate View Post
It could be part of their "design" instead of a mistake as many seem to think.
There's no way it's a deliberate design decision. If it was, it would be applied consistently, & they'd be marketing the hell out of it. I'd love to hear the design rationale behind that :)

It's plain & simple. It's a quality control issue. Probably due to either worn tooling, or lax tolerances, or both. Ludwig know it's there, but hey, why should they do anything about it. Players suck it up, & the affected drums still sell.

Facts: very slight lug splay can occur on any drum. There's enough wiggle room in the tension screw holes in most hoops to allow a degree of drift. Additionally, many modern pressed hoops have a significant draft angle, so encourage the screws to drift to the outer extreme of the hole. Such levels of splay have no adverse affect on the drum.

Significant splay however does have a negative affect on the drum. Ok, it's more noticeable with tube lugs, but even with insert lugs, it presents uneven & undesirable strains on the shell. Shells are designed to take axial & compressive forces, not tangental forces. Such forces harm shell resonance at best. At worst, they can warp the shell, especially under uneven tension conditions. Thankfully for Ludwig, it appears that most of the drums with splay are metal snares, that are more resilient to permanent deformation.
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