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Default Re: Best way to use Shure 57-52 drum mic kit?

Thanks for all the replies. Right now I'm sort of shell-shocked at the cost of all of this stuff, and I want to hold off on buying anymore equipment for the time being. At some point I'll probably buy something specific for overheads, but not just yet.

If I get the gist of the comments below, it seems like I should try using a kick and snare mic, and then rigging the remaining two 57s as overhead mics for the time being. However, let me further ask this---the music my son's band plays is mostly covers of classic rock (Cream, Beatles, Hendrix) and even older stuff (Elvis P., Chuck B.), and blues standards done their own way. He plays a lot on the toms (like you hear in Cream), and it sounds really good when the toms have individual mics. Will we lose that sound with overheads? Is there some way to have the mics pick up more of the toms without actually being mounted to them, and still get some cymbals?
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