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Default Re: What to look for in vintage Ludwig Sets

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
I personally don't think that his price is unreasonable for a one owner unmolested kit.
Offer him less with cash in your hand and see what happens but I wouldn't hesitate to buy those four drums, cymbals, and hardware for $900 if he won't come down. (just my 2 cents)
This is providing that there are no serious flaws in the shells or wrap.
As an example, I paid full price of almost twice that much for a 68 13' 16, 20" WMP kit without snare and hardware that was in collectors condition last month.
I am kind of going back and forth on it, since I am guessing it is in excellent shape. If I knew the snare was not pitted I would probably be more confident. Might not be something I see around here for a good while.

I know I asked about general principles, and one of my guiding principles on used gear is that I want to buy at a price I can get all of my money back out of it easily. I have bought and sold lots of woodworking tools and some guitar stuff that way and have had fun with it and kept from squandering family cash. On the other hand, if there was something new I wanted once in a while, I don't worry about it. Case in point for me, a new Dual Fusion pedal from Wampler Pedals I got two weeks ago. Beautiful tone! Full retail!!
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