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Default Re: Ludwig Lug Splay Solution

Now I think we can toss out aesthetics because it won't affect the sound of the drum. May not look great but for me sound is paramount. So then we are left with implementation and design.

The average Joe audience member won't know the difference between a good sounding kit and a kit that doesn't sound 'as' good, there's only one kit onstage (99% of the time) and sound is so subjective, but they'll see lug splay (if they notice it) as a design flaw, it doesn't look right, things should be straight in the age of CAD and NAFTA.

So aesthetics do play a big part of the whole picture, even if subconsciously. If I like a kits looks it sways me 90%, I can make it (any (decent) kit) sound pleasing enough to my ears. Im not supporting anything new that's not made well, tension rods splayed, wacked out, there's no reason for it in this day and age.

Ludwig does need to address the lug splay issue because at the end of the day it does reflect on their QC as a whole.

Ya think?

I wonder how many (kits) were returned because of lug splay?

... or how many didn't buy kits b/c of the design flaw? Me! Score-1 for not buying b/c of poor design aesthetic. Hmmmmm, bet they'd like to know those numbers.
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