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Default Re: Moongel Alternative

Ladies(Les?) and gentlemen, I feel the need to bring this up although I have mentioned it in other threads.

The best alternative I've come across so far has been the gel backing from an Air Gun target. I actually got this idea from another post on some drum message board (can't remember).

I bought the aforementioned target at a sport shop. It cost me $14 and tax. I have had it for about three years and never run out of gel. AND this gel functions identically to OTC Moon Gel.

I've attached a pic of the carved up target along with a freshly harvested piece of gel. Not a pretty sight but certainly very economic, You are able to cut much more customized pieces out of whatever size slab you cut out with a safety razor than the gumball rubber hands....unless you like you're drums having little rubber hands on them (....not judging. LOL!)

I like what Moon Gel does in very small doses and this solution is just great when you consider the price and value.

My .02

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