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Default Re: Ludwig Lug Splay Solution

Dude, you're reading way too many drum forums. Believe 'only' what you read on DRUMMERWORLD and then only w/caution.
Oh believe me, I always pass any info from forums through the filter of my own experience and knowledge and take with a grain of salt anything that doesn't sound right.

Some people are perfectionists, more detail conscious. They'll see a kit onstage, or a $2000.00 snare with rods jacked all over the place and equate it with low quality, they can't justify dumping all that cash and it not being perfect... and in this day and age it should be. Your character may then be in question too, like "Why you would spend your money on that, are you as un together as your drums(?)" etc. The influence of brand loyalty and a companies steep heritage could cause one to overlook certain things. Good for the manufacture...maybe for awhile, until the competition starts getting fatter.
I bought the kit for the sound and nothing else. Heritage is nice but certainly not a reason to buy a drumkit. In fact, I would say that the greater the heritage, the more one should scrutinize the product because with time comes complacency and then mediocrity in many cases. The splay is not a huge deal to me. If it was I wouldn't have ordered the kit at all. It's not nearly as concerning as a terrible bearing edge or a crappy wrap job. Now one could say that not correcting the lug splay is more indicative of a lazy attitude that might show up in other areas of the kit. But with the handful of Classic Maples I examined during my time in the shops, the shells themselves looked impeccable. The finishes were good. The hardware was sturdy. No else seems to mind it so I won't be picky about it.

Are there better drums out there in terms of fit/finish? Absolutely. Tama, Yamaha, and Pearl are all exquisitely manufactured kits. But they won't give me the sound I want. Closest was the Club Custom and it's still a far cry from the Ludwig. Plus, what's up with those weird sizes? :P

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