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Default Re: What to look for in vintage Ludwig Sets

The guy called back, answered some questions to the best of his ability. He said he has not played them in 40 years, so he must have just played them while in the Air Force. 22 inch kick. The hi hats are 602 Paistes, but the crash and ride are not. He spelled out Zildjian from the crash, and he said the ride was made in England- said it was Knut or something- must be Krut. Anyway, all stands, bags, kick pedal. The front hoop in the pic has no t rods and claws, but he said there was a box with spare hardware. I asked about pitting on the snare, he had no idea (was not near the set when he called).I believe him when he says he knows nothing about drums. He wants a fair amount for them, but they may be ultimate keepers for me. Better than my old Stage Customs anyway, probably.

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