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Default Re: What to look for in vintage Ludwig Sets

Originally Posted by sethlowden View Post
Usually I do not do a lot of tire-kicking on CraigsList, but this one caught my attention. Mostly because of the muffler on the bass drum, but also because of the cymbals. I asked the guy if they all came with the set, and he said yes, he bought them as a package. Am I correct to assume they may be Paiste cymbals? And I appreciate the answer about the models. I may or may not check this one out, a bit more out of my way than I am used to, but I am leaning that way. I am getting lazy. Owner sounds like a nice guy, Viet Nam vet. Would be fun to chat with even if I don't buy them.
If he bought them out of the catalog as a set,then they are Paiste 602's which Ludwig was a distributor for at the time.

The "Hollywood" set cymbals were an 18" thin crash,20" medium ride and 14" hats.

Also check for additional holes and non original hardware.Anything that's non original ,devalues the kit by at least 35% from collector value.

Hard to see but it looks like a pretty faded silver sparkle .

Steve B
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