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Default Re: Why are we addicted to vintage drums?

I own more than a few vintage snares and some 60's Ludwig super classics.

To me,their tone is just magic.Not that I don't appreciate more modern sounding drums.

An example of that to me anyway are my 77 Tama superstars.These are the 9600 series 4 ply 6mm shells with re rings ,Japanese birch.All standard sizes,and much rarer than the 80's 6 ply 9mm shells without rerings.

The older superstars have more sustain and a warm vintage tone.

My snare drums range from 40's Radio king to late 70's Tama.Ludwig jazzfest,Slingerland artists,soundkings,Ludwig supras,acros,black beauty,.All are in great shape but just a few are ever so slightly out of round .

All of my vintage stuff tunes up nicely,but does require a little coaxing at times

As for vintage hardware,I've never had a problem with any of it.

To me,it's the sound first,and the look second.How can you not look at a 47 Radio King in WMP only slightly mellow yellow and not want to own one and play it?

I can appreciate modern drums,but I'll always own vintage stuff.I just love the thought of being the temporary caretaker of some pieces of history.

Steve B

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