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Default Re: Why are we addicted to vintage drums?

If you want vintage sound out of modern drums, then you're limited to just a few choices. There's the Ludwig Legacy ..... probably the best of the lot. Spot on, with 3 ply shells with reinforcement rings. Bit pricey, though.
Then there's the Ludwig Club Date, and the mix of cherry/gum. No, they never did that in the old days ..... but if kinda gets that "vintage" tone.
Next up, the Vintage Mahogany shell Keller makes. So, you gotta either go to a boutique builder, or DIY.
Then there's the Gretsch Brooklyn. Maple/poplar 6 ply shell. 'Bout as close as you're gonna get, from Gretsch.
And that's about it. Yamaha, Pearl, Tama, they make modern drums. DW, I personally don't think they capture the vintage sound. Or try to. They've evolved the thin shell/reinforcement ring too far into today. And I'm not aware of anyone else (drum company wise) playing the vintage sound game.
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