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Default Re: Best way to use Shure 57-52 drum mic kit?

Originally Posted by rpt50 View Post
Hi all. I have the Shure drum mic kit with three 57s and the 52 bass drum mic. My son usually plays a 5 piece kit, but sometimes a 4. What is the best way to use this kit for live sound? We have been putting the mics on the bass, snare, and toms (sometimes borrowing another mic for the 5 piece kit), but this of course leaves out the cymbals. The band has been playing a lot of outdoor festival type things lately if that makes a difference.

Down the road I will purchase more mics as necessary, but for now, I would just like to know how to best use this mic kit for overall sound. I really want to get away from borrowing stuff and relying on others.

So what is the best way to use three 57s and a 52?
I've mixed bands using a bass drum mic, a snare drum mic and one overhead a lot and have gotten lots of compliments using that minimal set up. So try that. If you got a good pencil condenser for your overhead that'd be even better but what you have will do.

Try experimenting and working what you have more. There will always be more to buy and a pit to throw your money in ;)
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