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Default What heads for PDP MX series

we have an all-maple kit at our church, the MX series PDP. My pastor is looking at changing the heads on the kit - just the toms though, the kick was changed recently and I bring my own snare. the toms are 10, 12, 14, and 16. Just thinking the batter heads, even though the resos probably need it too.

We have a shield and the kit is mic'd up and I'm not the main drummer, but the main drummer uses like 2 or 3 moon gels on each head. I like more resonance so I leave only 1 on each tom. The main drummer doesn't seem to care what is on there or even think they need changing (stock heads are still on there from 6 years ago and it's played twice a week if not more). They are definitely worn out, there's more dull boing than thud/smack.

I thought maybe clear EC2's or G1's. Not sure though. I definitely like clear heads though.

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