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Default Re: Why are we addicted to vintage drums?

I went full circle. I grew up playing Slingerland and Gretsch from the 60's and early 70's.
I began playing modern drums about 10 years ago. I like them just fine and I still play my modern drums.
Last year I bought a 2012 Ludwig Club Date kit. It has characteristics of vintage drums that I grew up with. I realized that I wanted a vintage kit again. I had never owned a 60's Ludwig kit so I searched until I found one that suited me. They are as you say somewhat quirky. I did make some minor upgrades such as adding new hardware that would accept memory locks for the floor tom legs and bass drum spurs. I added wing nuts to the tom rail mount so I could adjust it without a wrench. I removed the internal mufflers because I don't use them. Of course I kept the original parts so as not to devalue the drums. I can put them back to OE status at any time.
The kit that I bought is in collectors condition so it is a good specimen of a vintage kit where they got it right. The shells are slightly not in round because the wrap is scarfed into the shell which is how Ludwig wanted it. There are some minor flaws in the edges on the floor tom but nothing that I can't fix by tuning. Not worth reworking the drum for normal variations that are part of vintage charm where some imperfection is expected due to the manufacturing process of the time.
These imperfections give these instruments their personality. They are not the cookie cutter drums of today. They are each unique.
I like that :)
I kind of like old drums:)
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