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Default Re: Why are we addicted to vintage drums?

Originally Posted by Cuttlefish View Post
I'm glad you mention the hardware because my understanding is that vintage hardware was lighter. Thinner hoops, pot metal castings, etc. I've never done an A/B between modern and vintage hardware but the vintage drums fully assembled have always been much lighter than a modern drum. I suppose one way to replicate the resonance would be to use aluminum cast hardware all the way around. Strong but light. Incidently, I wonder why they haven't done this before? Cost?
Cost is a very big issue. Actually, castings are inconsistent. Much better to make from billet if you can, but again, that's more expensive. Cast pot metal is a horribly weak material, & that's why many of the vintage lugs (& still many used today) are much more bulky than would be necessary with a better quality material.

All of our shell hardware (lugs, brackets, legs, spurs, etc) are made from aluminium, precisely for the reasons I outlined in my OP. Not only that, but the designs are either minimal or zero resonant shell footprint.
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