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Default Best way to use Shure 57-52 drum mic kit?

Hi all. I have the Shure drum mic kit with three 57s and the 52 bass drum mic. My son usually plays a 5 piece kit, but sometimes a 4. What is the best way to use this kit for live sound? We have been putting the mics on the bass, snare, and toms (sometimes borrowing another mic for the 5 piece kit), but this of course leaves out the cymbals. The band has been playing a lot of outdoor festival type things lately if that makes a difference.

Down the road I will purchase more mics as necessary, but for now, I would just like to know how to best use this mic kit for overall sound. I really want to get away from borrowing stuff and relying on others.

So what is the best way to use three 57s and a 52?
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