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Default Hannah Ford and Prince

I must admit I'm excited about this, being a semi-Prince fan from the 80s. I just read a review that Prince is out on tour being backed up by a three-piece female rock trio called 3rdeyegirl, in which Hannah Ford is the drummer.

What I thought was cool was that Prince is doing some of his older material with this band and everything has a more rockier edge to it (perhaps shades of Lenny Kravitz?).

Has anyone seen this yet? Of course, Prince is so hush-hush on what he's doing and doesn't allow cel phones at his concerts that the only way to see them is with an official video release, but it sounds intriguing. I would love to hear some old classic Prince done by a rock band. And I really don't know much about Hannah Ford (other than what people say here), but I think it's cool she has a band and is playing for an actual big name artist. This is much better than being a YouTube phenomenon, don't you think?

It would be cool if he did a re-release of hits done with this new band. I suppose I'll have to get tickets for a show. Oddly enough, they just played near Disneyland at a place called the Grove, but of course, I'm stuck in the magic kingdom! Gah!
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