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Default Re: Ludwig Lug Splay Solution

Firstly, thanks to everyone for their comments thus far :-)

I've already ordered the drums some time ago, so the splay was not a deal breaker for me. They just sound so good to my ear...splay or no splay lol.

I have in fact seen splay on the wood snares as well. Doesn't seem quite as pronounced as their metal snares though. But it's there nonetheless. It's quite possible that the drums arrive with no splay at all. But if they did, I wondered if there was a solution.

I haven't seen splay on other drum brands but then again, I wasn't really looking for it either. I noticed it on the Ludwigs only because I've known of the issue beforehand. So as it goes, would I have noticed had I not known? Interesting question...

So with a solution seemingly out of reach, the next question is whether or not it would affect the drum's tuning or durability (e.g. stripped rods, stripped lugs, etc). Since the receivers have some play in them I'm guessing not, but has anyone had this issue as a direct result of the splayed lugs?

I'll contact Ludwig just to say I did, but I suspect I will get a canned answer lol. They haven't bothered to fix it so it's probably a non-issue to them.

P.S. I missed the bit about it not affecting the tuning or drum integrity. So I won't worry further about it :-) Thanks a bunch!!
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