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Default Re: Ludwig Lug Splay Solution

Originally Posted by Cuttlefish View Post
Hello all!!

I've perused these forums off and on for years now and it's another fine resource for information. So glad it's here :-)

Anyway, I've decided to come out of the shadows because I need to see if anyone can answer these two questions with some authority:

I spent roughly six months doing copious amounts of research on my next (and probably final) kit and finally decided on the Classic Maples......... I saw various degrees of lug splay on every modern Ludwig drum I tried out at the local drum shops. :-)

Contact LUDWIG directly, that'd be something cool to ad to the forum and we'd like to know what they think about the design flaw.

Aftermarket hoops will fit, but they won't correct the problem, which is a mathematical lug to shell oversight.
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