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Default Ludwig Lug Splay Solution

Hello all!!

I've perused these forums off and on for years now and it's another fine resource for information. So glad it's here :-)

Anyway, I've decided to come out of the shadows because I need to see if anyone can answer these two questions with some authority:

1. Will aftermarket Gibraltar triple-flanged hoops correct the dreaded Ludwig lug splay?

2. Will Gibraltar hoops even fit on the Ludwig Classic Maple drums?

I spent roughly six months doing copious amounts of research on my next (and probably final) kit and finally decided on the Classic Maples. They have everything I could want in a drum in terms of sound. I knew about the lug splay issue, in fact, I saw various degrees of lug splay on every modern Ludwig drum I tried out at the local drum shops. Of course, it doesn't affect that wonderful sound whatsoever, but I can possibly see tuning/durability issues in the long term. Sooooo, I would like to know if this is a good solution to correct this issue or am I just gonna have to deal with it? I haven't really found specific answers to these questions through my own research so I've come here in the hopes of getting some :-)
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