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Default Re: Got a theater gig for this summer... looks like fun!

A little bit of updating on this gig.

I've been playing through the score recording as pretty much the only playing I do for the past month. I think I could do about 90% of it from memory now, although that's what the score is for.

The producer has decided to in fact go for the "punk rock" look that was used in one of the revivals. So I'm letting the hair and beard grow out a little bit, the better to sculpt, style, and color. Pictures will obviously happen.

Right now I'm trying to decide between my two primary snare drums for the show (although I may just take them both and throw one off to the left on a stand with a towel on it for a nicknack holder and switch out as necessary). Betty, my Ludwig Standard Aluminium snare, has got just a bit more pop and snap to her, and she's proving slightly more responsive snare-wise. Veronica, my Pearl Sensitone BOB, has (of course) a bit more body, and I trust the hardware on her a scoche more than I trust Betty's P85 strainer and internal muffler that's been known to rattle a little.

Finally, check out the very cool stage setup we'll be using! The actors will be right in the middle of the audience and right on top of the VIP seats. Wish I could watch it out front once =)
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