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Default Re: Moongel Alternative

I totally get all the questions, and I've had a tonne of them already!

I guess if you're happy with kids things on your drums, then go for it. But it is a slightly different material used for Moongel and The Hand - i.e. the colour doesn't transfer, it doesn't dry as quickly as the kids things if left on a drum for ages, it's likely to do less damage to a drum head, especially Fibreskyn heads.

But it's all personal preference. I know I wouldn't want a farm yard all over my kit when playing! A little bit of The Hand Drum Gel does what I need in the studio nicely, and looks a little more professional!

Still, we ship in the UK & the USA now so you're welcome to give it a go. Free shipping in the UK so for 5 I guess you can try a pot. If you don't like it, you've not lost a huge amount!

Any questions welcomed to :)

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