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Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Ah, so you're Flemish speaking? I visit Belgium every now & then. Great people, & the best beer anywhere (I'm not a chocolate guy really). Managed to take some time out in the historical centre of Antwerp recently. Great architecture mix, & one of the most impressive train station buildings I've seen anywhere :)

BTW, KM was Kilometers :)
Flemish it is indeed (even though our dialects should not be placed under one heading "Flemish", but it is a good way to distinguish between stereotypical Dutch that is spoken in the Netherlands and Dutch that is spoken in Belgium). Fun fact: even though the Netherlands and Belgium are completely autonomous and seperate countries, we do have a global counsel that governs the Dutch language. They decide what is "correct" in Dutch around the globe.

I love our beer as well! Every other country I have been, the beer tastes ... well, watery. It is not as defined as the beers we have in our country. Something to be proud of! Antwerp indeed has a very nice train station. The (modernistic) train station of Luik-Guillemins (no idea what the name is in English) is worth a visit as well. (Warning: French is the leading language over there!)

When you happen to be in Belgium again, and you like history: visit Bruges, Ghent and possibly Waterloo. But basically ANYWHERE will do. We have a very rich history (not all for the good though).

Oh, and about the people: I hate my people. Selfish, self-centred bastards. Looking at politics you might understand what I mean - or not - for recent tendencies are very anti-social.
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God's Own Country
My first guess would have been that you are American, because our stereotypical view of Americans is that they indeed believe America is the chosen country of God. But you are from Wales? Do they believe the same thing? (Poor God, can't decide things for Himself.)
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