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Default Re: asl?

Originally Posted by BramVanroy View Post
Ah, there are? Well ealrier today I noticed Frank's topic, and he's a Dutchman! Even though Americans might think we Belgians only speak French, it's not that easy. My mother tongue is Dutch as well. So it's nice to hear I have that in common with Frank, at least.

What I like about this forum is that you guys (and girls, apologies) refer to each other with your real names! haven't really seen that on a lot forums!

Thanks! And I also wonder what or who KM is.

Ah, so you're Flemish speaking? I visit Belgium every now & then. Great people, & the best beer anywhere (I'm not a chocolate guy really). Managed to take some time out in the historical centre of Antwerp recently. Great architecture mix, & one of the most impressive train station buildings I've seen anywhere :)

BTW, KM was Kilometers :)
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