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Default Moongel Alternative

Apologies to Mods if this is too commercial a post, so please feel free to move it or remove it or contact us directly if we should place an actual advert with you!

There's always threads about Moongel alternatives on this forum. We found some, and we're bringing it to the UK (fresh from Italy!)

The debate is always around tuning properly, and that's always the most important thing. But say you're a function drummer, constantly playing different styles. Or a studio that has one kit. Do you want to change your heads every gig? Nope. You want a nice open sound for your jazz band, but a dry fat sound for your rock band. THAT'S why you use Moongel. But it's, what, 7 a pot?

Nope. The alternative, "The Hand - Drum Gel", is 5 per pot and is being sold in the UK by a non-profit, Lottery funded recording studio so you know it's value for money AND you're helping out a good cause when you buy a pot AND you know it's been tested by professionals in a busy studio!

You can find it here with FREE POSTAGE!
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