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Default Re: Ludwig's parent company sold

Originally Posted by Jeremy Bender View Post
Let's pray that Ludwig doesn't succumb to the same fate Slingerland did under Gibson.
Apples and Oranges.

When Gibson bought Slingerland, they were buying a defunct company. And it was also muddied by Gibsons failed partnership with Mapex.

Ludwig is on an on going viable company.

Originally Posted by wildbil View Post
Its a shame that family started companies do this,reality I suppose.
Ludwig hasn't been family owned in over 30 years.

Steinway hasn't been family owned for almost 40 years.


This sale could mean something. It could mean nothing.

Latin Percussion was sold to Kaman, and then all of Kaman Music was sold to Fender, and yet the same people work at LP, with no difference to the end consumer.

Gretsch distribution agreement with Kaman, and sale of certain assets to Kaman (now Fender), only made the Gretsch brand stronger.
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