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Default Re: Best Mac for Logic Pro

Actually, if you won't need a lot of software instruments and plugins, a normal macbook with 2-4 gb ram and 2.1ghz intel core duo is enough. (i had that myself)

RAM and CPU are only needed for a lot VST plugins and that stuff and of course Channel-Inserts (Eq's, Compressors, etc).

I ran logic on my macbook pro with an i7, 8gb ram and 720gb HD but it can't handle to record 16 tracks simultaniously which is a problem of logics internal HD management.
That is the reason why I switched to pro tools 10 - and it works.

(Also I think that Logic is a good software to program/record midi stuff but it's not really made for audio recording.)

You won't of course need a Retina Display as mostly no software is optimized for that display. You will be able to run Logic and all that stuff with a normal display :P

If you're intersted in buying Logic (180 I think?) you could also spend a little bit more and get an education version of Pro Tools 10 for 250 ...

Good luck :)
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