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Default Re: Show us your Premier kits!!

Originally Posted by Nuttyoak
Now all you need are the 15" and 22" custom Signature crashes and the 20" custom china!! Happy hunting!
And a 40" custom painted gong! ;)
I don't know where the hunt will end. I always thought the 13" 602 HB would be the one I would never get my hands on. I have the 20" HFR China, that Paiste surprisingly made for me. The 15" HFR could be tough but the 22" HFR is available and next on the list unless of course the 15" or God forbid that 40" custom Eddie gong turns up for sale then the 22 may have to wait :-)
He's also currently playing a 20" SC prototype which will likely be impossible to get. Interestingly enough as I began putting this kit together it seems only proper to keep it consistent with his cymbal config too. The only problem with that of course is the money! I can't imagine what that gong would cost and is it really neccessary for a devoted fan?........well..........maybe!
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