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Default Re: Ludwig's parent company sold

Originally Posted by MrInsanePolack View Post
Perhaps he is referring to overgrowth, when a company becomes so big it starts to influence not just itself and its investors, but life in general. Look at Walmart. They are everywhere, biggest company in the world. In achieving this status, they have successfully run mom and pop shops out of business, and even put a major dent in other big box stores as well as grocery stores. In doing this, they have successfully limited our choices to what they have, not what we want. You want a certain brand of spaghetti sauce and Walmart doesn't carry it, you can drive out of your way to a store that does carry it and pay more for it, or you can compromise and buy what they want us to. Ever see a city try to keep a Walmart out? Walmart buys some land just outside city limits, builds their store, has roads built to access their store, and suddenly homes start to spring up around the store. What happens next? The city rezones and suddenly Walmart is part of that city, just like they wanted. They may say "pay less, live better", but is limiting our choices as consumers really better? It's borderline monopoly, and that kind of growth is bad. It becomes self serving, just for its own survival, not caring what or whom it steps on. Corporate mergers and takeovers can be a good thing if it is in the best interest of the consumer, but if it is in the interest of just making money, that is a whole different story. Just like cancer, it only grows to feed itself at the cost of everything and anything else.

For what it's worth, the Walmart home office is less than 10 miles from my home, and there are 4 Walmarts within that same radial distance. Is that really necessary?
Yeah I suppose that sounds like a bit of overkill. But we do t seem to have walmarts concentrated like that in California. Starbucks does that out here. Same thing with McDonalds.

Does anybody really think Ludwig would ever be that big? Come on now.
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