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Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Bram, there's quite a mix here. A fair few European members, & many other areas globally too. There is a big US focus, but I'm guessing that's a forum language thing more than anything else. We do have a few members from Asia, but we're grossly under represented in that fantastic part of the world. A lot of Brits here :)

There's a good number of members here your age & younger, & a growing number of ladies too (always pleasing to see). Most of all, there's a right mix of talents & experience. A lot of pro's hang here, including headline names, right through to those taking their first steps. Overall, a great mix, & absolutely the best forum by a mile (sorry, KM ;)
Who's KM?:):)

Welcome to the forum.Lots of good people and info here.

Steve B
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