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Originally Posted by BramVanroy View Post
Because I'm very new to these forums it's nice to know who I'm getting in contact with. Even though the topic title sounds like I'm a pervert, it summaries very well the questions I mean to ask.

Born in the glorious year of 1991



I have a feeling that most of you are older than I and male and US-located. Quite strange, isn't it? I feel like a continental outlander!
Bram, there's quite a mix here. A fair few European members, & many other areas globally too. There is a big US focus, but I'm guessing that's a forum language thing more than anything else. We do have a few members from Asia, but we're grossly under represented in that fantastic part of the world. A lot of Brits here :)

There's a good number of members here your age & younger, & a growing number of ladies too (always pleasing to see). Most of all, there's a right mix of talents & experience. A lot of pro's hang here, including headline names, right through to those taking their first steps. Overall, a great mix, & absolutely the best forum by a mile (sorry, KM ;)
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