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Default Re: Ludwig's parent company sold

Originally Posted by Red Menace View Post
Perhaps a touch of equivocation there John.

I was refering to the the growth of a comany in size and in assets simply for the sake of growth. A person is not a company and the aquisition of knowledge is a completly different thing than a company growing. Semi-clever argument though.
Just wanted to add a human reference.

Corporations grow not just for their own amusement or as a challenge or for the sake of it, it is their mission to grow. If they attempt to fight that because it somehow looks bad, they will stop growing. That means they are shrinking as everyone else grows around them.

Ludwig is not a company that is standing still, and therefore they possess value to Conn-Selmer. If somebody wants to take Ludwig private with a large cash offer, I'll bet they'd consider it. But even as a privately held company, the owner/s would still want to keep them growing.

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