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Default Gotta be kidding me.

Just a little rant here.. Maybe some of you have had something similar

In early June i purchased a "personalized" ring from James allen. It seemed that their customer service, product and price was superior to most other better known jewelers. originally i was given an estimated shipping date of 19-21 june. About a week later i received an email notifying me that the ring needs a few extra days and has had it's esimated shipping date pushed to the 24th of june. Then the 24th comes around, and it's been pushed to the 27th. Then the 28th comes around and i get an email saying it will be sent on the 23rd... earlier than they last said it would be.

By this time i am pretty nervous as the ring may not arrive on time. i need it before mid august as i am to leave the ship i live on and transfer to a duty station in america. Also i had planned to propose after leaving the ship as well.

I inquired about the email, asking if maybe it was a typo, or if i just received the email late. Then today i received an email notifying me that the manufacturing team has recieved a bad casting and they'll need to extend the construction time to the 11th of July!!!

Normaly i wouldn't mind.. But i am leaving in august, and typically packages take 2-3 weeks to arrive when we're in our home port, but right now we're at sea.. So god knows how long it'll take before it arrives.. Maybe a month, maybe two. which would put me in a position where i may never receive it at this adress. But i've no other adress to send it to that will get it to me when and where i need it.

Needless to say, i'm fairly disgruntled about this and i'm highly considering asking for a refund in full. Especailly as i have paid about 3370 for the ring. The customer service was outstanding before the purchase, now i'm pretty upset about how they're treating the situation.

Anyhow.. That's my rant for the day.
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