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Default My Daughter's Band is Playing L.A.'s Roxy This Week

My youngest daughter has learned an important life lesson: It's far more fun to be the talent than the venue. About 6 months ago, the club she ran in Seattle closed its doors and she started her own Seattle area indie rock band called Yevtushenko.

Amber and her bandmates play only originals, no covers, and have been working harder than I've ever seen anyone work at anything, gigging up and down the coast and getting their shit down.

One of the results of all this effort is that Yevtushenko is playing the main room at the Roxy this Saturday night, July 6th.

If you know the L.A. rock scene you know that this is a Big Deal. So I'm sharing my pride with y'all and hoping as many of you as possible can make it. (The Roxy's big on reservations, but there may still be some space. Number to call is 310-278-9457.)

My wife and I can't be there. We're stuck in our humdrum Pacific Northwest lives. But you'll recognize Amber cuz she's the front woman. And I'm really hoping for a report on the drummer!
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