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Default Bram saying Hi!


My name is Bram, as you might've guessed. I am a Belgian drummer, born in the early 90's (1991) and been drumming since around the age of eight. After ups and downs currently playing in a fairly new band, and also in a percussion band where everyone plays loads of stuff (marimba, xylo, vibraphone, small percussion, djembes and so on). Here I'm on xylophone. Note that almost all members are younger and less experienced than I am. I am the grumpy old guy that doesn't want to leave the band.

My main focus, though, is currently YouTube covers. I like to play a lot of genres. This goes from Dire Straits to Netsky (drum and bass) to Rodrigo y Gabriela.

I decided to join these forums because it seems like a great community and because I would like some feedback from actual drummers that can help me get better at what I do.

If you have any questions I am glad to try to help! You can also follow me on Tweety Twitter if you like! Cheers!
Latest drum cover: Circus (Britney Spears) - Dirty Loops.

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