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Default Re: Batter preference change on Tama Silverstars

Originally Posted by audiotech View Post
Personally I wouldn't have gone with the Pinstripe batters, but again I never had a Silverstar kit to re-head. I probably would have tried either Ambassador coated or Emperor clear, if you wanted to stay with Remo. Thinking about this more, probably the Emperors. You can handle the "overtones" when tuning your drums. If you still cannot be heard, either unplug their amps or use microphones for sound reinforcement to help equalize the on stage playing volume.

Yeah I just went with the Clear Pinstripes assuming they'd sound good based on past experience. I'm pretty geared toward clear heads so I'm thinking I'll go with Clear Emperors as my instinct and your suggestion suggests.

Aren't Pinstripes and Emperors both 2 ply 7mm? Don't want to trade in an apple for an apple. But I'm assuming the Emperors will make the toms sound more "lively" due to no dampening ring.

I've also heard comments that my acrylic and brass snares (which I think sound like a gunshot) are lost about 50ft out from the stage, unless it's a ballad-y song. No turning down amps unfortunately....but I"m sure some of you can relate. I may just have to mic the rest of the kit if new heads don't do it for me.

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