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Default Re: Joe Walsh - The truth about music

It really is amazing how the business model for an artist has changed since I was a kid. From the elusive record company Mogul you'd try to get to listen to your tape to home studios and YouTube and social media giving yourself and your band exposure. Plus the iTune downloads and online lessons going into your bank account.

Even after 40 years of touring and recording hit records, The Moody Blues are on tour selling not only seats to the show but various VIP packages to tour the stage and see the band's equipment with meet and greet session after the show. Bands are finding new ways to generate revenue to supplement ticket sales.
I don't know if too many people hear these famous words anymore: "Come in here dear boy have a cigar, your gonna go far."

Adapt or get left behind I guess...
"Music is the traveler crossing our world, meeting so many people, bridging the seas"
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