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Default Batter preference change on Tama Silverstars

Hey guys,

Quick background: my first set 20 years ago was a Sears Gretsch entry-level kit. The toms were standard sizes for that time period (12x10, 13x11, 16x16) Stock heads were paper. I was a huge mark for Lars at the time and went with Remo Clear Pinstripes on batters and Ebony Amb on bottom. Actually this really made this entry level set sound decent. Killed the overtones. As a teenager, it sounded great. When we played shows, everything was mic'd up and sounded killer with lots of attack.

Fast forward to now, returning to drums after a decade-plus layoff. I bought a Tama Silverstar Birch last year with shallower toms (10x8, 12x9, 14x12, 16x14). The stock heads sounded good but then I went with "old faithful" and swapped out the resos for Ambs and batters for Clear Pinstripes. The Pinstripes sound alright in my finished basement but I still don't feel like they allow the tones of the drum to come through like the stock heads did. But now we're playing shows in small venues where I don't mic anything but the kick. I had a fellow musician come to our show and said he can't even hear the toms about 20ft away on louder rock songs (keeping in mind they have to cut through 2 Marshall stacks and bass rig.)

I guess after that long-winded explanation, my question is: will I be happier with the projection of my toms if I go with a Clear Emperor batter on my toms? Or perhaps Ambassador? I'm inclined to suggest Emperor at first just because of durability although I'm not a brutal hitter. I won't be mic'ing my toms at any of these small venues so I want some projection although I realize there will be overtones. Moongels will solve that problem at home for rehearsals.

And I'm not going to claim to be a tuning expert.....but I manage. :)
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