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Default Re: Hi All!

Hey welcome to the forum. You sound like you have a great attitude and understand that you need to spend a ton of time on the basics. The basics...people tend to skip past them and as a result they never get the rock solid foundation they need.


Learning how to work a drumstick efficiently by way of an effective grip. There is more than one great way to work a stick. You have to find the one that works for you.

Metronome practice

Reading practice

Rudiment practice

Seriously, you could spend years and years on the single stroke roll alone. It's the hardest rudiment to get. But if you pay the single stroke roll it's due diligence, to a metronome, it will greatly benefit every aspect of your playing. Same with the double stroke roll. Learn to relish the basics. In fact they should be called essentials. The term basic...people tend to gloss over them because they want to skip ahead. Bad move.

But yea welcome to Drummerworld. The best damn drumming site in the world, for real.
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