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Originally Posted by sillywabbit View Post
I'm not happy with the 16" floor tom not matter how i tune it. equal tension, hi/lower, low/higher, etc. I would prefer a quicker recovery as this reonates far to much. I'm using moongels on both heads.
Have you listened to the drums -- all of them, together, possibly with other instruments playing -- from out in front, by the audience? If no, give it a listen. I bet this "resonance" you speak of is most noticeable from the throne and far less so out where it matters, where your floor tom may actually be sounding like a floor tom. Don't choke that drum up too much, or you'll have the wet cardboard sound in the house.

Originally Posted by Ian Ballard View Post
Kinda hard to believe you find that many Evans duds. I've been using Evans heads since 2001 and I've never had ONE bad head and I've bought heads all over the country in shops and online. The only time I see "dead" heads that don't have obvious manufacturing defects, is when people don't properly seat them and the head is literally floating above the bearing edge.
Up until recently, that too was my experience. I bought a Clear G2 prepack the other day to get ready for a summer theater gig and the 12" head had a terrible warp right near where the bearing edge fits. I thought it might be the drum at first, but when I rotated the head, same deal, just moving around the drum. I had to go get another (which sounds great, no issues). Still, in 40+ heads, that's not a bad track record. I might throw the bad head on my soprano snare, since a higher tension appears to pull the imperfection out. We'll see.

IMHO, there's going to be bad heads in inventory for every manufacturer, just like sticks. Unfortunately, heads are a little trickier to "test drive" in the store. I have been really impressed with Evans' quality and customer service, though -- witness EvansSpecialist in this thread taking care of business. Kudos.
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