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Default Re: Joe Walsh - The truth about music

Joe Walsh made two points in that video that I would like to comment on.
1. All music and Everything is free, everything is downloaded and there is no longer any money in it. I do believe that eventually money will be made by the download. Not the way it used to be, but a new way, perhaps through advertising. Perhaps the bands with the most downloads will support a higher advertisement rate. Similar to the way radio made its money.

2. Playing by Recipe, no Mojo, no Magic of human performance and it is the nature of human beings to seek the human performance.

Joe Walsh talked about the uniqueness that live human performance has. I agree and I say that this is not isolated to just the art of music, but extends to many other arts as well.
You can buy a factory made cymbal, drum, or a piece of furniture even. However, many prefer the handmade craftsmanship when a human being builds the object with the attention and care. The human being can make errors and correct for them. This adds a degree of uniqueness to the work that a machine made object does not have. There has been a demand for handmade craftsmanship of furniture, pottery, glass, art and musical instruments for many years. Music itself is an art form, and there is no reason not to believe that a desire for live human beings making music with Mojo and Magic will not be a desired art form.
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